Virtual Film School

You’ll work with the best talent. The top Hollywood and London filmmakers and instructors in the film and web video industries. Virtual Film School is film school reimagined for the next generation of filmmakers, content creators and influencers from anywhere in the world.

We’re building a community where smart, driven people can work together to create diverse stories that have never been told before. No need to relocate or leave friends, family, and resources behind. And definitely no need to drop $300,000 on an old-school degree when you can spend $20,000 for a current, cutting-edge diploma.

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Why Virtual Film School?

Higher Education for the Next Generation:
- Learn From ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD with Virtual Reality
- The best real-world teachers
- Career orientated and industry connected learning
- At a fraction of the price of traditional universities

Idea Conceived
Company Incorporated
Pilot Classes Begin
VFS For Everyone

Kind Words From Students

  • „We can definitely be proud of what we made.”

Diversity Commitment

The Virtual Film School Team is committed to all forms of human and sexual diversity. Our team consists of people rooted in or from Africa, The Middle East and Israel, Asia, Great Britain, Europe and the Cherokee Nation. We are inclusive of members of the LGBTQ Community. And we believe that at least some of us are extraterrestrials.
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