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Who You Will Learn From
The best Hollywood and London film and New Media pros.
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What You Will Learn
New Media. How to create it, monetize it, and make a career for yourself.
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How You Will Learn
Join our Live VR classrooms from anywhere you want, and create anything you can imagine.
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Virtual Film

We train you with live instructors, real mentorship, and using Virtual Reality as the next-level classroom. It's Higher Education for the New Generation.
Dream It, Shoot It, Market It.
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Tested with students in California
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VR in China
Students Collaborating With The Beijing Film Academy.
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VR in Singapore
Students as young as 14 can do it.
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VR in Finland
University Of Applied Sciences Students.
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VR in Japan
VFS Are Partnered With The Agaroot School In Tokyo.
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Student Success Story:

Nicki Baber
Nicki is a video creator on TikTok who creates a mix of lip-syncing, dance, transition, and comedy videos. Moreover, she has won the hearts of millions of people with her lip-sync videos on the every platform.
TIKTOK - 2 Billion Views
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TIKTOK - 200 Million Likes
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TIKTOK - 6 Million Followers
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