Virtual Film School Full Curriculum

All Courses Start At The Beginning Of Every Month.

Orientation Week

Learn how to win the content creation game at Virtual Film School.

Fundamentals of New Media

Learn the fundamentals of the New Media ecosystem; how it works, who are the major players, and how content creators stand out in crowded markets and get rich.

Introduction to New Media Production

The art and business of creating and producing web video content. You will develop basic expertise in content ideation, creation, and production by creating and producing a video or web series pilot with viral potential.

Acting Fundamentals for New Media

Learn the craft of a professional New Media actor and gain the on-camera training and audition techniques necessary to succeed on the web and mobile.

New Media Videography, Lighting, and Sound Techniques

The theory and practice of professional videography, lighting, and sound for 21st-century formats, using your mobile phone as the camera and recording device.

New Media Writing I: Writing a Digital Series Pilot

Learn the history and techniques of New Media writing. You'll write an advertising video, a comedy video, and a video of your choice. This course covers conceptualizing and writing an original web series pilot.

New Media Writing II: Writing a Digital Series

How to create and write a series pitch & bible, an art & business plan, and the episodes of a digital series based on a new concept, or based on the pilot episode concept produced in the prerequisite course (New Media Writing I).

Online Video Directing

Learn directing fundamentals: script analysis, how to create a shot list and storyboards, and how to work with producers, casting directors, actors, production designers, and cinematographers, while gaining confidence and leadership skills.

Online Video Pre-Production

Master the process of planning the elements involved in creating a full-scale production: scheduling and budgeting, casting, props, location scouting, green screen and set construction, call sheets, clearances, permissions, etc.

Online Video Production: Producing a Digital Series

Learn the secrets of success of the most powerful role on a video set. Students will learn why producing is like “herding cats” while they produce their webisode series from script-lock to financing, casting, shooting, re-shooting, and all the other aspects of production.

Online Video Editing

Discover the principles, tools and techniques of one of the most important roles in videomaking. Master the technical side of video editing as well as how to transform your shots into a story!

Audio Post Production for Online Video

Learn the technology, creative application, and requirements for producing audio soundtracks for web videos. You will create a sound design plan for your video project, create and edit sound effects, and use Adobe software to create a completed audio mix.


Maximize your chances of web success and use your break to share your vidoes in private mode and get feedback. Get feedback from friends and family. Use feedback forms. You may even re-edit based on that feedback.

Brand Development: Theory and Practice

Discover how to align your personal brand with your business objectives, communicate your brand to a target market, develop a brand story, create positioning, promise and personality. Plus, a look at brand loyalty, equity and ethics, rebranding, and brand ambassadors.

Digital Marketing

Create and execute a digital marketing strategy for your personal brand, just like the big brands do. Learn how to define and understand your audience and find fresh new ways to connect with customers in crowded markets and conquer the field!

Introduction to Social Media Deployment with an Emphasis on YouTube

How to gain attention and monetization for your videos on YouTube.

Alternative Social Media Deployment: Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok

How to gain attention and monetization for your personal brand on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

New Media Monetization in The Creator Economy: How Content Creators Get Rich

How to get paid as a content creator without always having to make new content.

Introduction to New Media Business

The theory, processes, and strategies that go into shaping a New Media startup in the digital age. Create and validate a high potential business concept, write a business plan and pitch deck, learn how to crowdfund it through equity crowdfunding, and launch.

Introduction to Website and App Development (Elective)

Learn website and app development fundamentals and why you need an app, website, or ecommerce site in the digital economy.

Vlogs and Live Video (Elective)

An overview of live video and vlog scriptwriting and video pre-production, production, and post-production tools and techniques, including camera, lighting, sound recording, and editing. Students will examine alternative distribution platform business models and test monetization plans, and write, shoot and post a video blog or live video series.

Introduction to Motion Graphics with After Effects (Elective)

How to create compelling titles, effects and motion graphics for your New Media projects.

Social Media Journalism (Elective)

Master basic reporting and writing styles and techniques for producing online journalism content that drives engagement, and how to attract journalists to your story and your work.

VR/AR Storytelling and Production (Elective)

Explore the technical, aesthetic, and commercial principles of creating, producing, and distributing AR and VR content in a digital media landscape

Podcast Development and Production (Elective)

Gain the essential skills necessary to develop and produce a profitable podcast.

Capstone Project: Complete a Mentored, Advanced Level Video Series or Equivalent

The Capstone Course is the final course for the BA in New Media curriculum. Students will create an original Internet-based series of at least 6 episodes that qualify for the degree.

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