Introduction to New Media Business

4 weeks
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Introduction to New Media Business

The startup landscape has changed, and the brick-and-mortar media empires of the 20th century have been replaced by companies such as Meta, TikTok, Netflix, Amazon, RocketJump, and MrBeast LLC. This course examines the theory, processes, and strategies that go into shaping a New Media startup in the digital age. Focus on the specific characteristics and challenges of 21st-century brands, how to assess a startup’s potential, market appeal, business model, potential customers, and prospective investors. Students will master the entrepreneurial mindset and develop a network of connections on LinkedIn and Lunchclub AI. This course will give students the knowledge and confidence to create and validate a high potential concept, write a business plan and pitch deck, crowdfund it through equity crowdfunding, and launch. Basic business practices such as: Launching a corporation, opening a business bank account, and balancing accounts using Quicken-type software will also be covered.

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